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Progressive Web App – Hyperloop

Built a progressive web app with interactive route map for a modern mass transportation firm. The client is one of the two major corporations working to set up Hyperloop transport services across different destinations. Currently, the company is working on building the technology related to Hyperloop tracks, Capsule movement, speed control, terminal etc. They have signed up with various governments across world to roll out Hyperloop transportation services across destinations within the respective countries.


  • Ability to switch between multiple languages according to user’s preference.
  • Generate maps in the respective language.
  • Unstable backend route generator.
  • Building an app that is compatible with various TV resolutions.

Solution Approach:

As using Google Maps in China is a big challenge as the country banned all Google’s services, we had to find an alternate and accessible map vendor. Discussions have been coordinated between the client & vendor. After coming up with permutations & combinations of routes among these cities that don’t cross 1500kms, the script has been written to generate route coordinates for the identified routes. This database has been used to plot the routes on map.

Progressive Web Application

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