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Distributed Rendering for Gaming Laptops

Provided Distributed Rendering for one of the leading IT infrastructure manufacturing & distribution companies which manufactures laptops, servers, and printers etc.


  • Relatively new technology – Ethereum blockchain
  • Most of the libraries around Ethereum blockchain have been constantly being updated and we had to keep up with the changes.
  • Even though Distributed Rendering is not a new technology, there are very few instances of using it against blockchain.

Solution Approach:

An Ethereum Blockchain instance has been created on the Azure Cloud using existing templates provided by Azure. A distributed rendering algorithm using blender has been created in Python. Blender is one of the leading tool designers used to create/design animation and virtual reality scenes, characters and images. It has an inbuilt feature to render on-remote machines. This feature had been used to build a python module that accepts and renders a raw image on multiple machines. This python module has been made available on a RESTful API call.

Distributed Rendering for Gaming Laptops

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